Security professions and institutions analysis (WP4)

The primary objective of this workpackage is to generate and continuously update a knowledge base and map of professional networks concerned with the provision of societal security in Europe. As security is increasingly focused on anticipating and preventing threats and risks to the fabric and cohesion of Europe, the workpackage will analyse how security is provided as well as what institutions and professionals are involved in securing European societies. To this end, the workpackage has three secondary objectives:

  1. To develop a set of research principles and methodologies for surveying and documenting security professionals and institutions involved in the provision of societal security in Europe.
  2. To map these networks and analyse the reach and limits of societal security relative to the provision of more traditional, national security concerns.
  3. To contribute to critical reflection on the transformation of security in Europe and impact on European societal cohesion and identity.
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