Communication, dissemination and knowledge-sharing (WP9)

The primary objective of the workpackage is to coordinate the internal and external dissemination of information collected or generated by the project. The secondary objectives include:

  1. To form and maintain a policy forum on issues related to societal security including a policy-oriented newsletter.
  2. To create and maintain a high-level scholarly journal as a flagship of scholarship on societal security in Europe.
  3. To carry out continuous foresighting activities on issues related to societal security.
Workpackage Leader: 
Task Leaders: 
D9.9 Societal security symposium (PRIO – M21)
D9.10 Annual Conference year 3 (PRIO – M30)
D9.6 Dynamic visualisation of the (on-going) results of WP5 (Sciences Po – M36)
D9.7 Dynamic visualisation of the (on-going) results of WP6 (Sciences Po – M36)
D9.11 Annual Conference year 4 (PRIO – M43)
D9.4 Cross-sector and policy briefs (CEPS – M50)
D9.13 Short film competition on societal security (CEPS – M54)
D9.1 Quarterly SOURCE newsletter (CEPS – M60)
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