Report on Web and Scientometrics cartography of debates on security

Author: Audrey Baneyx (Sciences Po)

The main idea is to provide a global view of the structure of two different debates, their main arguments and links between actors or between actors and issues using two methods: web cartography and scientometric study.
The first part of the médialab’s work is a web cartography of controversies about "the post Snowden debates". The objective was to produce dynamic visualisations using some tools developed at the médialab. These visualisations allow the user to navigate inside the data and read the analyses and findings in the same interface. The data we used to initiate this work are the names and websites of actors (see Annex 1) who took a position in the debate. These data were collected manually by Félix Tréguer and then automatically enriched by our tools.
The second part of the work carried out in this deliverable concerns a scientometric study whose purpose is to measure and report on the main axes on which researchers, interested in the death of migrants and refugees at sea on their way to the European Union, are working. The data we collected for this analysis comes from the Scopus bibliometric database. Our main result is a visualisation that brings out the relationships between scientific researchers (as actors) dealing with this issue.

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