Exploration of relationships between prosperity and societal security outcomes


This paper aims to explore the relationship between societal security outcomes (e.g., crime, security and happiness) and economic indicators (i.e., income and income inequality). Specifically, recent work of the Centre for Global Socio-Economic Change (CFGSEC) suggests an innovative way to represent prosperity in a manner that directly relates it to social and environmental outcomes (Berkhout & Poliakov, 2016). In this paper TNO tested the assumptions of predictiveness of prosperity on social security outcomes. Based on data of the UN and Worldbank, we find that homicide, assault, rape, motor vehicle theft, theft and happiness are associated with income or poverty, but the interaction, or co-occurrence effect, of income and poverty is only significant for some of these measures, whereas this is an implicit assumption made by CFGSEC’s conceptualization of prosperity.

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