E. Anders Eriksson

Research Director

After his PhD in Operational Research from the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Stockholm in 1986, Anders has had a large number of project and line management positions in FOI. Currently he is Research Director (Systems Analysis). Anders’ main professional interests are how organisations should handle uncertainty, and in particular how they should harness foresight and innovation for this task. From the mid-90s onwards Anders has participated in several European and Nordic projects in defence, security, energy and transport. In 2009-10 he coordinated DEMASST, the FP7 road-mapping study commissioned to prepare the large demonstration programme on mass transportation security, SECUR-ED where Anders is a sub-project leader. From May 2014 he will be the technical co-ordinator of DRIVER, the largest project in FP7-SEC. In 2011-12 he coordinated EDTID, a large study for EDA on defence technological and industrial (non-)dependence. In addition to substantive future-oriented studies Anders has also made methodological contributions to the future studies field under headings like Adaptive Foresight and Scenario Diversity Analysis. Since 2004 he holds a docent-ship at KTH.

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