Didier Bigo

Didier Bigo is Professor of International Relations at Sciences-Po, Paris and researcher at the Center for International Studies and Research/National Foundation of Political Science (CERI/FNSP). He was scientific coordinator of the CHALLENGE project on the Changing Landscape of Liberty and Security in Europe, supported by 4.5m euro under FP6, and with 23 academic partners, running from 2005-10. He was also CI on the INEX project (2011-14), focussing on critical infrastructure, mobility and traceability at the borders and beyond, with 1.25m funding under FP7 and 7 academic partners. In addition, he led the King's contribution to the FP7 funded SAPIENT Consortium, which has explored the human consequences of new surveillance technologies. This too produced a number of interdisciplinary outputs, including, Bigo, ‘Sorting out smart surveillance,’ Computer Law & Security Review 26 (2010).

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