Elspeth Guild

Senior Associate Research Fellow

Elspeth Guild is Senior Associate Research Fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies (Brussels). She is Jean Monnet Professor ad personam of European immigration law at Radboud University Nijmegen (Netherlands) as well as Queen Mary, University of London. She is also a partner at the London law firm Kingsley Napley. She lectures widely on EU law and has acted as special advisor to the UK House of Lords Inquiry into EU economic migration. Her interests and expertise lies primarily in the area of EU Justice and Home Affairs law (including immigration, asylum, border controls, criminal law and police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters). She also researches EU privacy and data protection law and the nexus with human rights. She co-ordinates the European Commission’s Network of Experts on Free Movement, is co-editor of the European Journal of Migration and Law and Free Movement of Workers (the European Commission’s on-line journal) and is on the editorial board of the journal International Political Sociology. She is co-editor of the book series Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy in Europe published by Martinus Nijhoff. Professor Guild provides regular advice to the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Council of Europe and other European and international organizations (such as the UNHCR) on free movement of persons, migration and asylum.  She has researched the legal and social content of European citizenship and has been invited to submit the chapter on EU citizenship for Blackwells Companion for European Union Law and International Law in 2012. Professor Guild is co-chair of the European Sub Committee, Immigration Law Practitioners Association (ILPA), a post which she has held since the sub-committee was established in 1990.

Her latest publications include: Guild, E. and Mantu, S. (2011), Constructing and Imagining Labour Migration: Perspectives of Control from Five Continents, Ashgate: Aldershot; Guild, E., Bigo, D., Carrera, S., & Walker, R.B.J., Europe’s 21st Century Challenge. Farnham: Ashgate, 2010; Guild, E. (2009), Security and Migration in the 21st Century, Polity Press: Cambridge; Guild, E., Groenendijk, K. and Carrera, S. (Eds.) (2009), Illiberal Liberal States. Immigration, Citizenship and Integration in the EU, Ashgate: Aldershot. Guild, E. and Geyer, F. (eds) (2008), Security versus Justice? Police and Judicial Cooperation in the European Union, Ashgate: Aldershot; Guild, E., Baldaccini, A. and Toner, H. (Eds.) (2007), Whose Freedom, Security and Justice? EU Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy, Hart Publishing; Guild, E. and Baldaccini, A.(Eds.) (2007), Terrorism and the Foreigner: A Decade of Tension around the Rule of Law in Europe, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers: Leiden; Guild, E. (2007), Security and European Human Rights: protecting Individual Rights in Time of Exception and Military Action, Centre for Migration Law, Wolf Legal Publishers: Nijmegen; Guild, E. (2006), “The Europeanisation of Europe’s Asylum Policy”, International Journal of Refugee Law, Vol. 18, No. 3&4, pp. 630-651, Oxford University Press; Guild, E. (Ed) (2006), Constitutional Challenges to the European Arrest Warrant, Centre for Migration Law, Wolf Legal Publishers: Nijmegen.

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