Chaim Rafalowski


Chaim Rafalowski (Mr.) holds a M.A in Public Policy and Administration from Tel Aviv University. He is currently Disaster Management and research projects Coordinator of Magen David Adom Israel (Israel's National Emergency Medical Service (EMS), National Blood Bank and Israel's National Red Cross Society). He is coordinator of the FP7 project “Identifying needs of Medical First Responders in Disasters”, member of the Advisory Group on the for the EU Safer Societies project and member of several FP7-funded research projects – ESS, CATO, CRISMA, ETTIS, OPSIC, EDEN, S-Help and DRIVER. He is in charge of promoting community preparedness and regional cooperation with the Jordan Red Crescent, for the eventuality of a major EQ to affect the region, as well as working with the international organizations on international assistance to the affected population. His areas of interest are: crisis management, CBRN preparedness and response, community resilience, international assistance and cooperation.

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Chaim Rafalowski
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