Merle Missoweit

Senior Researcher

Dr. Merle Missoweit is a senior researcher at Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis (INT). She has a background in biology and physics and is deputy head of the unit for International R&T Management. In her current work on the security side she has been focusing on crisis management research & innovation planning, being co‐sherpa of ESRIF working group 4 ‘crisis management’ and co-coordinator of the FP7 Demonstration Phase I project ACRIMAS (Aftermath Crisis Management System-of-Systems). She is engaged in several other FP7 security research projects and will be the scientific coordinator of the upcoming FP7 Crisis Management Demonstration Project DRIVER (Driving Innovation in European crisis management and Resilience, currently under negotiations). Moreover, she has been a member of the DG ENTR Expert Working Group on Societal Security and is member of the current Security Advisory Group as well as of the H2020 ad-hoc Advisory Group on Gender. Further, she has been active in R&T planning support for the armament branch of the German Ministry of Defence with a focus on international R&T cooperation, including the support of the German MoD’s participation in the development and implementation process of several EDA initiatives (EDRT Strategy, Capability Development Plan, European Framework Cooperation between EDA/EC/ESA etc.).

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