Predicaments of policy-oriented security research


Date: 25 October 2017

Published by openDemocracy

Typically, security research is called upon to give advice on how to sort things out when there is something wrong. 

9/11 was the watershed and since then the security industry’s R&D-Ghostbusters have been busy determining who the ghosts are and what gadgets and policies are needed to save and protect human lives from imminent threats. 

Like the ghosts in the movie these threats become visible and tangible only through the use of sophisticated high-tech equipment that must be handled by professional security experts. Scanners, sensors, surveillance wet-, soft- and hardware are offered for sale to public authorities and their private contractors on flourishing security markets. 

As long as the chase for ghosts goes on chances are good that at least one of the five key objectives of the European security research programme will be achieved: the establishment of a “Competitive European Security Industry”.

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