Course on Societal Security for Policy and Law-makers

This online course on societal security is a self-paced learning designed for designed for a Bachelor/Master-level. It can also be used as an additional source of inspiration for educators in Policy, security and law. Of course, all interested individuals are welcome to participate in the course.
The purpose of the course:
To introduce students to the concept of societal security, increase their understanding of societal aspects of security, and provide an insight on their impacts on policy-making. 
The course focuses on 4 policy areas:
• Data protection, surveillance and privacy
• Environment and health security
• Terrorism and counter-radicalization
• Cultural diplomacy and societal security

By the end of this course, our students will feel comfortable using the term societal securityin the context of the four policy areas after receiving an overview on interlacement of current political affairs, recent legislative norms and practises under the umbrella of security

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