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Linking Researchers, actors, agencies and institutions concerned with societal security in Europe.
New Policy Paper on 'Migration and Asylum Data for Policy-making in the European Union: The problem with numbers'
In this paper the author examines the reasons for some of the problems with the data for policy and for public discussion, and makes a set of recommendations.
NEW Policy Brief on 'A European Border and Coast Guard: What’s in a name?'
This paper calls on the EU to give higher priority to policies dealing with the structural compliance with EU border and asylum standards by all member states.
New Blog on 'The benefits of the EU from a criminal law perspective'
What if the EU or the Schengen system ceased to exist, the latter was long-term suspended, or a Member State seceded? What would be the consequences from a criminal justice perspective?
Special Issue on 'Schengen'
The celebration of 30 years of Schengen and the latest developments at European borders promoted the organisation of various events, publications and videos around this topic.

What is Societal Security?

Societal security is a response to a perception that society is under threat. What does it mean to say that society is threatened? SOURCE gives answers. 


What is SOURCE About?

The conversation about what makes European society what it is - and what potentially threatens it - involves many voices and many perspectives. SOURCE provides a framework, tools and basic data, to facilitate the conversation between them.

New on the SOURCE Website

NEW SOURCE Workshop on ''The new Societal security aspects of the Internet of Things'

This Workshop was organized in Bonn with a focus on the i-car and future transport challenges. You can find further information HERE

NEW SOURCE Publication on ''A European Border and Coast Guard: What’s in a name? '

This paper assesses the Commission’s proposal presented in December 2015 to set up a European Border and Coast Guard (EBCG), based on the responses made by the EU border agency Frontex to the ‘refugee crisis’ that began in 2015 and continues unabated. You can free download this SOURCE Publication HERE

NEW Special Issue on ''Schengen'' 

SchengenWhat is happening to the Schengen borders? During 2015 Schengen celebrated 30 years of its signature but it also faced a lot of challenges due to the latest developments in its borders. In order to analyse the current state of play, the SOURCE consortium organized a series of meetings, prepared a publication and published video interviews and a Blog. See this all this package HERE.

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